Climate Change is Fine

I love jogging
And hiking on the trail.
I love climbing
And picking apples and pears.
But whoa, Climate Change appeared
And now I am in great despair.

My Nikes melted on the pavement.
My trail now all fake palms.
I can no longer climb the hill,
as it crumbled into the sea.
Whoa, Climate Change,
What have you done to me?

The apple and the pears no longer
Grow up in the trees.
Everything I eat,
is grown in a factory.
Babies born on the same line that feeds me.
May contain peanuts and
oh yes, Baby.
Oh Climate Change, what are you doing to me?

I drive a Tesla now,
With climate controlled A/C.
I don't take the bus,
All my asthmatic friends died around me.
The human population was too great,
Some say it's Darwinism, look
Climate Change hasn't gotten me.

I've got a new plan now,
Stored away all my money
To buy the last remaining seeds.
Although, eventually my food will run out
In 2040.
The Ocean's will rise
And eventually bury me.
We ran our course,
Climate Change, look at what you've done to me!

Janine Parkinson

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